THE LAST REVOLUTIONARY is finally coming to the Big Screen!

After 15 years in LA, optioning 4 scripts to studios and production companies, and none of them going to screen, yet. I felt it was time to take it to the next level and produce my own film, though I never wanted to produce or saw myself as a producer, I've become one out of necesity. As you have seen recently Hollywood continues to neglect to tell our stories and honor our voice and art. When the opportunity arose to team with my collaborator/colleague and friend, actor/producer John Marshall Jones, veteran director and cameraman, Michael Brewer, and executive producer Madeleini Liebert, I felt the stars were aligned and it was time for us to make this poignant feature film. The beautiful thing about today's world, is that we don't have to depend on Hollywood to produce films that we deem relevant to our society and community. Spike Lee raised money through kickstarter for his last film, Chiraq. Relevant art that inspires, educates and entertains is what is not consistent in today's cinema. We are led to believe that the only need for movies is to entertain and escape. Those that know me, and my work, are very aware that art can and does do much more. The Last Revolutionary, like many of my scripts started as a play. It has received several readings since I first penned it in 2011, including the Labyrinth Theatre in NY. In 2015 we were honored with a selection to the National Black Theatre Festival. The play played to soldout standing room houses. Audiences laughed, cried , ooed, and awed, and I hope were inspired and moved by the story of Mac and Jack. And now, the film version is ready to take wings. Mac and Jack have the potential to go down as two great characters in cinematic history. AND, WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE, RENOWED ACTRESS MARLA GIBBS MAKING A CAMEO APPEARANCE IN THE FILM.

#LastRevolutionary #revolution #blacklivesmatter #blackfilmmakers #levyleesimon #michaelbrewer #johnmarshalljone

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