I am Writing You On The Day After The Election...

Hello everyone, I writing you on the day after the election and feeling pretty stunned and numb right now. I don't know what the future holds but it doesn't feel good or promising. When I wrote The Last Revolutionary, I knew it was going to be cautionary tale, but I didn't know it was going to be as prophetic as it is. Who could have anticipated this? I know I didn't. We had a very successful private screening and barbecue last Saturday, showing an incomplete version of the film without sound design and color correction. Sound design is being done now, and color correction will be next once we can raise the necessary funds to pay the colorist. Lastly and in addition, we need another grand to submit the film to the various film festivals, studios and productions companies that can put the film in theatres for everyone to see. I've written many plays and screenplays over my career and always try to write stories that are meaningful and relevant, weather it be politically, socially, historically, or contemporary. Never have I written a piece that has been more profoundly relevant and urgent as. "The Last Revolutionary." If you are so inclined please make donations for the completion of the film to: thelastrevolutionarymovie.com and use the paypal account to contribute. Thank so much for your continued support. See trailer below. Levy Lee Simon

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